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Cantina di Monteforte, Monteforte d' Alpone

イタリア, ヴェネツィア
Italy, Veneto





The association of vintners Cantina di Monteforte was created in 1952. It started small, more like a partnership of neighbours and friendly competitors to share expensive equipment which was only used for a short period each year. Over time, as the merits of the partnership became more apparent, it grew into becoming an association of a large number of small vintners in the area.

During the last decades the knowledge and methods of vine growing have evolved considerably. At the same time modern but expensive equipment has enabled associations to further improve the quality of their wines. No doubt, one draw-back of wines made by associations is that they lack the particular identity of terroir and distinctive character as compared to wines made by knowledgeable wine-makers of an estate. Such individuality of a wine often creates its appeal.

Cantina di Monteforte is aware of such consideration and has, in turn created different Brands for their wines. The Terre di Monteforte wines, which are their showcase of superior Cantina di Monteforte wines, all derive from grapes grown on well exposed hills of volcanic origin All grapes are harvested from vines which grew up together in a specific area. Terre di Monteforte wines are also created individually by particularly experienced wine-makers.

Although not Italy’s largest vine growing area the fertile Veneto region produces many of Italy’s most well-known and appreciated wines such as Valpolicella (red), Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Soave and Friulano (all white).


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