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GUKI CELLARS Japan K.K. was founded by Guntram Kintzel. In 1963, Kintzel started as a salesman for Germany’s leading winery. He arrived in Japan in 1969 to establish the company’s first overseas business after having previously set up and managed operations in Italy and France from 1964 to 1969. By the time he retired the company had become the largest foreign owned wine importer in Japan with over 500 employees. He also established and managed successful operations in several Asian countries Having been in the wine business for decades, Kintzel is aware of how much customers value personal relationship, service and trust. However, with the arrival of the Internet and social networks the world of wines has changed. GUKI CELLARS was created with the intent to use the Internet as an efficient and low cost provider of information exchange while maintaining personal relationships, friends and human warmth which make the world of wines such a pleasant and generous one. GUKI CELLARS' aims are to provide an environment where wine lovers can find and share their passion for good wines and to be recognized as the purveyor of BEST WINES @ BEST PRICES. Finding famous, expensive wines or cheap wines is not difficult. Finding superior quality wines at affordable prices is a challenge but it is also our passion. For us the criteria what constitutes BEST WINES @ BEST PRICES is the judgement of our professional restaurant customers which we have served for many years and the many passionate and knowledgeable private wine lovers who are our customers. It is with this in mind that our professional staff searches the world for excellent wines and has them tasted, analyzed and compared. Those which make it to the top are our BEST WINES.