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オニール パーリアー カリフォルニア
O’Neill ineyards, Palier, California

O’Neill ineyards, Palier, California



The O’Neill winery is a family enterprise which was established rather recently, in 2004. In the traditional wine business that is, indeed, not long ago. Yet within a very short time the winery has become one of the most reputed wineries in California. The family’s rapid success and evolving reputation is the result of their passion to combine the most modern wine making techniques with traditional artisan craftsmanship aiming to produce affordable premium quality wines. The Central Valley is the food basket of the United States providing more than half of the fruits and vegetables grown in the whole country. Growing vines and producing healthy and ripe grapes comes naturally to this fertile land. The Valley’s soil is mainly composed of fertile Alluvial sediments which are found throughout the valley and are of various ages and vary in size from clays to gravels. The weather in the huge valley (about 700 Km long and 60 ~100 Km wide) differs by region, ranging from Mediterranean climate to very dry and hot in the southern part of the Valley. The summer is mostly hot and dry while the winter is often cool and damp. During the winter heavy ground fog is frequent. It rains during mid-autumn to mid-spring.

The family winery mainly produces wines for large distributors in the country. But, they also possess 300 acres (about 120 hectares) of their own vineyards. And, they are proud of producing a variety of their own vineyard wines. The wines are made from the best grapes grown in the vineyards and are made by their most skilled wine makers. The Magna Terra Pinot Noir is one these premium wines.


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