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Chateau Cascadais

フランス, ボルドー, フロンサックAOP
France, Bordeaux, Fronsac AOP




This Domaine was created in 1992 by Philippe Courriant, owner of the famous Cru Bourgeois Chateau Tour Haut Caussan at Blaignan in Medoc/Bordeaux. He was taken in by the beauty of the land as well as the nature and quality of the climate and soil of the area, so close to the Mediterranean sea. He was certain that the excellent conditions which the terroir provided would enable him to again produce an outstanding and regionally typical wine. The 90 hectares which he bought and named Chateau Cascadais were previously part of the Chateau Saint-Laurent. He named his new property "Chateau Cascadais" after the large and beautiful waterfalls on the land.

The estate is made up of 50 hectares “Garrigues” (Scrubland), 10 hectares of Farmland, 3 hectares of Olive plantations and 25 hectares of vineyards. 8 hectares are very old Carrignan, 7 hectares Grenache, 8 hectares Syrah, 1 hectare Mourvedre, and 1 hectar with Cinsault. The average age of the vines is 35 ~40 years, yet many vines are much older, ranging between 60 ~70 years.

As for his Cru Bourgeois in Medoc Mr. Courrian uses very traditional and environmental friendly ways to grow the vines and produce the Chateau Cascadais (AOP Corbieres). After several years of preparations and starting with the vintage 2013 Chateau Cascadais wines have now become BIO i.e. organically farmed wines. Chateau Cascadais is the main wine of this estate and made from all five grapes varieties. The grapes are harvested manually and sorted before being destemmed. The wines are fermented in traditional enameled concrete tanks. Thereafter half of them are raised in oak barrels while the other half is kept in the tanks and racked every two months. When ready the wines are blended and fined with fresh egg-whites. About 2 months later they are bottled.

Chateau Cascadais has received several accolades from Robert Parker (Wine Advocat) and the Wine Enthusiast for the quality and elegance of his wines.