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Peter Winter Weinkellerei GmbH

ドイツ, ラインガウ, ラインヘッセンワイン
Germany, Rheingau and Rheinhessen wines



Peter Winter is owner of the famous Weingut (estate) Georg Müller Stiftung in Hattenheim (Rheingau region) which he bought in 2003. The estate produces essentially small quantities of highly acclaimed single vineyard VDP Rheingau wines. Having, after several years of heavy investments, renovation and hard work, re-establilshed the old glory of the Georg Müller Stiftung he turned his attention to enlarge the range of wines he can offer to his customers.

For this he established the Weinkellerei Peter Winter GmbH and associated imself with a small number of estates in the Rheingau and Rheinhessen areas. All estates are located near-by and grow and produce wines in accordance with the demanding quality criteria which he and his Cellar Master impose on the wines produced by the Georg Müller Stiftung. This arrangment permits him to offer his customers a wider range of styles, grape varieties, tastes and price ranges and it enables the small estates to reach a larger number of customers with their wines.


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