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Millesime Sud, Saint-Felix-deLodez

France, Languedoc



Millesime Sud is a winery which produces a range of highly appreciated wines from different areas in the Languedoc region. Languedoc is France’s oldest (over 2,600 years) and largest vine growing region. The vast region is known for its great diversity of climates and terroir. The winery also works with and represents other Domaine wines from different areas within the Languedoc region. The aim is to offer its customers a wider range of wines, styles, grape varieties, tastes and prices.

Veronique and Roger Jeanjean, owners of the winery, are also owners of the well-known Domaine L’ Argenteille. For a long-time the family were members of the regional winery cooperative. But in 2011 Roger Jeanjean, who is an experienced oenologist, decided to vinify the wines of the Domaine himself.