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Producteurs Réunis, Cébazan

France, Languedoc-Roussillon




The region of Languedoc is France’s oldest (over 2,600 years) and largest vine growing region. The vast region is known for its great diversity of climates and terroir. As such it is naturally suited to grow a large variety of vines. There are many large estates and wineries in the region but the majority of vintners are small family owned estates. Mostly located in small communities it is natural that they work-together and help- each other. The winery “Les Producteurs Reunis” was created in 1965, initially by a few associates but it now encompasses 166 small vintners. Early on the winery made the decision to work with outside wine professionals to improve their wine making knowledge and abilities.

The COUVEYS brand is one of their original creations. It did not take long for these wines to become well known and appreciated for their excellence. People wondered how a small hill-top winery could create such appealing wines. Since then they have improved further by continually investing in know-how, improved vine growing methods, modern wine-making equipment and technology.

Given its great diversity in climates and terroir 58 grape varieties are grown in the region. Some of them are so called international varieties like Cabernet, Chardonnay etc. but the majority are ancient varietals which, over time, have proven their worth in combination with their specific location and soil. 90 % of the wines sold as varietal wine in France (those named after the grape variety in the bottle) are produced in Languedoc. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have found their 2nd home in certain parts of this vast and varied region. Both do well in mineral rich soils and cooler areas. Some may be aged in oak barrels for a short time. The wines are approachable even when still young. They have a more “fruit forward” style than those grown in the north of the country. Their gentle acidity gives them an inviting freshness, juicy taste and lasting after-taste.