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Domaine Bouchie-Chatelier, Saint-Andelain

フランス, ロワール, プイィ・フュメ AOP
France, Loire, Pouilly Fumé AOP

このドメーヌは4世代目の家族が所有し経営しています。サン・タンドランの丘の頂上の土地を購入したロベール・ポワリエ(Robert Poirrier)が原点で、森に隣接する土地を整備してドメーヌ“ラ・ルナディエール(La Renardiere)”を築きました。ラ・ルナディエールの名前は“狐の巣”という意味です。その名前は近くの森に棲んでいた多くの狐に関連しています。





The Domaine is owned and managed by the family in the 4th generation. At its origin is Robert Poirrier who bought land on top of the St. Andelain hill and created the Domain "La Renardiere" by clearing up the land which was situated next to a forest. The name "La Renardiere" means "Fox Den". The name is in reference to the many foxes that lived in the near-by forest. The owner was passionate about Pouilly Fume wines, expanded the Domaine several times and was a firm believer in using modern wine making methods to enhance the quality of the wines.

Later Mr. Boerie bought a vineyard from a neighbouring chateau also on he hill; The vineyard was situated next to the Domaine "La Renardiere". Both Domaines were joinded when the two children of the owners married at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Domaine is managed in traditional ways; the use of modern technology is also part of it. Particular attention is paid to producing wines which are typical of the premium terroir i.e. calcareous clay containing Kimmeridgian limestone and marlstone of which the soil of the Domaine is constituted. Growing up on an estate means that a family member is well acquainted with the essential kowledge of how to produce wines. But that was never considered enough by the family. Those meant to take over the estate one day have always spent many years away from home before eventually taking over the family business. Initially to studdy agriculture and oenology, then to train and work at different estates around the country which now includes also of training and working on estates overseas.