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グレンブルック・ヴィンヤード, フレズノ
Glenbrook Vineyard, Fresno

米国, カリフォルニア州
USA, California

グレンブルック・ヴィンヤードは、5世代前にカリフォルニアに移住したイタリアのクリバニ家の物語です。現在の所有者の祖祖父がカリフォルニア州サンノゼ(San Jose)に定住し、その後すぐに、“パラダイス・ヴァレー(Paradise Valley)”と呼ばれる地域で自分の畑にブドウの木を植樹し始めたのは1902年でした。彼のワインは大変評判がよく、その地域にさらに土地を購入し、ブドウ園を拡張することができました。




Glenbrook Vineyards is the story of the Italian Cribani family who immigrated to California five generations ago. It was in 1902 when the great-grandfather of the current owner settled in San Jose (California) and soon afterwards started to plant his first vineyard in an area called “Paradise Valley”. His wines were well appreciated which allowed him to expand, buy more land and plant more vineyards in the area.

The good times lasted until 1919 at which time the prohibition law (forbidding the production and sales of alcoholic beverages) was instituted. The family was one of the few wineries which survived the difficult times and which could hold on to their vineyards. Instead of table wines they produced sacramental and medical wines, which was permitted. When in 1933 the prohibition law was finally repealed, they could revert again to their original passion of growing good grapes and producing good table wines.

They mainly produced wines for other companies and which were distributed throughout the United States. In 1970 the family sold their land in Santa Clara Valley to property developers. Now the Santa Clara valley is known as Silicon Valley. Crops are not grown in the valley anymore.

Producing wines for others is still part of the family’s wine business but their original passion namely to create and build up their own brand has never left the family. The result of this desire are the Glenbrook Vineyard wines, made from the finest grapes grown on their vineyards and made by their most skilled winemakers.


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