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Chateau Tour Haut Caussan, Blaignan

フランス, ボルドー, メドックAOP, クリュ・ブルジョワ
France, Bordeaux, Medoc AOP, Cru Bourgeois


このエステイトは、土壌が粘土、石灰岩、ピレネー山脈の砂利の17ヘクタールの畑で構成されています。その畑にはカベルネ・ソーヴィニヨンとメルローが等分に植えられています。chateau-tour-hau-causan_1_resize.jpgワインはとても伝統的な方法で醸造され、ブドウ栽培には化学肥料を一切使用しません。その代わりに、彼ら独自のブドウの茎などから作る天然の肥料を使います。また、この地域では機械収穫が一般的ですが、彼らは手摘みで収穫します。 昔、彼らが初めて間引き手法をメドックに導入しました。この手法は、熟していないブドウがワインの品質を台無しにすることがないように、夏の間にブドウの木から未熟な房を摘み取ることです。そうすることで残っているブドウの濃度も確実に高くなります。


Chateau Tour Haut Caussan is one of the most famous Crus Bourgeois in Bordeaux. Since 1877 the estate is owned by the Courrian family, now in the 4th generation. The family traces its origins in Medoc back to the year 1630. The chateau is named after the Tour (Tower) of the old windmill (built on a hill of the estate in 1615) and the village Caussan which is adjacent to the estate. The estate comprises of 17 hectares on clay and limestone and Pyrenean gravel which are planted half and half with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grape varieties.

The wines are made in very traditional ways, no chemical fertilizers are used. Instead they prepare their own natural compost from grape stalks. They also harvest the grapes manually even though mechanical harvest is predominant in the area. Long time ago they were the first to introduce green harvesting techniques to the Medoc. The term stands for cutting, during the summer, unripe clusters of grapes so as not to spoil the quality of the wine.

Chateau Tour Haut Caussan wines are said to compare favourably with classified growth wines especially in top years. Depending upon the vintage the wines will last 10 ~ 25 years. As any good wine they are not filtered so as to retain the best natural elements. Ask one day why he does not filter his wines Philippe Courian is said to have replied: Why filter ? My wine does not contain anyting bad.