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Pierre Defraine

フランス, ヴァン・ド・フランス
France, Vin de France



Pierre Defraine is, by now, a well-established brand which was created many years ago by a group of wine professionals in love with the wines of southern France i.e. Rhone, Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon and Vin de Pay d' OC. Every year they travel the areas, visit a great number of estates and wineries to review the general growing conditions and taste a great number of wines. Eventually they select a small number of these wines which best meet their professional criteria.

Their aim is not to find wines which are highly rated by well-known wine critics (and subsequently highly priced) but to find great, honestly and traditionally made wines which are typical for their area, priced very accessibly and which one can enjoy day in and day out with great plasure. Small quantities of these wines are then bottled for the members of the group and for interested wine lovers.