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Valle Frio Estate, Talca

チリ, セントラル・ヴァレー・リジョン, マウレ・ヴァレー DO,
Chile, Central Valley Region, Maule Valley DO,

VALLEFRIOは、家族が所有および管理するエステイトです。 19世紀初頭から家族に属しており、家族の持ち株会社に関連しています。 Cihleの最大の農業ビジネスグループの1つ。 300ヘクタールのブドウ園は、チリの最初のブドウ栽培地域であるマウレ渓谷にあります。この地域のブドウ栽培の歴史は、16世紀半ばのスペイン人による植民地化の時代にまで遡ります。農園のブドウ園は5つの異なる場所にあり、それぞれ異なる土壌構造を持っています。それぞれに最適なブドウ品種が選ばれました。


The VALLEFRIO estate is a family owned and managed estate. It belongs to the family since the beginning of the 19th century and is associated with the family's Holding company; one of Cihle's largest agricultural business groups. Its 300 hectares of vineyards are located in the Maule Valley, which is Chile's original vine growing region. The region's viticultural history dates back to the time of colonization by the Spanish in the middle of the 16th century. The estate's vineyards are located in 5 different locations each of which has different soil formations; for each the best suited grape varieties were chosen.

Maule is Chile's largest vine growing area (in the Central Valley) but, being located more southern than many other vine growing regions it has the advantage of a cooler climate and more rainfall during the winter. The nights during the growing seaon are cooler too. This extends the growing seaon but results in an excellent balance of ripeness and acidity in the grapes which, in turn, permits the wines to age well.


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