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Saint Maur 150th Acciversary Wines

Congratulations to Saint Maur International School for the 150th Anniversary of its foundation in Yokohama in 1872.
150 years is certainly a long time and makes the school the oldest international school in Asia and one of the oldest in the world.

The origin of its foundation dates back to Father Nicolas Barré (1621-1686), a French Minim priest, who founded the congregation of the Infant Jesus Sisters, a teaching order which established schools throughout the world.

The congregation, which was noted for its expertise in education, at the request of Father Petitjean, the Catholic Bishop of Yokohama, invited Mother Mathilde Raclot (1814-1911), who had already established schools throughout Singapore and Malaysia, to open a school in Yokohama to meet the educational needs of students from the growing international expatriate community.
The school which has survived many challenges throughout its long history continues to provide a quality education to students of all nationalities and faiths, and looks forward to meeting the educational needs of those entrusted to its care for many generations to come.