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ボデガス・マカヤ S.、ララーガ
Bodegas Macaya S., Larraga

スペイン, ナバーラ州, DO
Spain, Navarre, DO

ボデガスマカヤは、リベラアルタ地域のナバラの中心部に位置しています。この地域でのブドウの栽培は、ローマ人がこの地域でブドウを栽培した紀元前2世紀にさかのぼります。ナバラがフランスと密接な関係を持つ強力な王国だった中世には、ブドウ栽培が繁栄し、ワインが海外に輸出されました。 18世紀後半には、ブドウ栽培が主な農業活動でした。 1892年、フィロキセラペストはこの地域のほぼすべてのブドウ園を破壊しました。ブドウ栽培が再びこの地域の農業の重要な一部になるまで、20世紀までかかりました。それ以来、この地域は大きな進歩を遂げ、現在ではスペインで最も人気のある高品質のワイン生産地域の1つとなっています。


ブドウ園には、最小限の水の供給を調整する点滴灌漑システムが備わっています。主に粘土でできている土壌には、下にあるチョークや石灰岩の炭酸カルシウムが含まれています。気候は大陸性です(長くて暑く乾燥した夏と寒い冬)。微気候は、約650 mmの降雨量と昼夜の温度の重要な温度差を伴う最適な成長と熟成条件を提供します。ブドウはゆっくりと完全に熟し、酸性成分と芳香成分を保持して素晴らしいワインを生産します。

Bodegas Macaya is located in the very heart of Navarra, in the Ribera Alta sub-region. Vine growing in the area dates back to the 2nd century BC when the Romans grew vines in the region. In the middle Ages, when Navarra was a powerful kingdom with close ties to France, viticulture prospered and wines were exported abroad. During the late 18th century viticulture was the main agricultural activity. In 1892 the phylloxera plague devasted almost all vineyards in the region. It took until the 20th century before viticullture again became an important part of the region's agiculture. Since then the region has made big strides and is now one of Spain's most sought after quality wine producing region.

The Macaya family created the estate and bought the winery in 1999. That sounds like a rather recent development were it not for the fact that Lorenzo Macaya Nieto had, in 1960, established a vine nursery which, by now, has become Spain's leading company in this field. Thus growing vines and wine making has always been part of the family's life. They planted their best vines in the vineyards and equipped the winery with the most mordern equipment. By now most of their vines are over 20 yars, the perfect age to produce high quality wines.

The vineyards are equipped with a drip irrigation system which regulates minimum water supply. The soil, mainly made up of clay, contain calcium carbonate from underlying chalk or limestone rock. The climate is continental (long, hot and dry summers and cold winters). The microclimate provides optimal growing and ripening conditions with a rainfall of about 650 mm and important thermal differences in day ad night temperature. Grapes ripen slowly and fully and retain acidic and aromatic components to produce great wines.


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